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Setline represents the rebranding of the Khatt Group of Companies, which was founded in 2005. The aim of this change is to set up a framework of services, and to offer a sustainable and successful development within various sectors and fields together with combined and stand-alone projects.

Setline provides a pool of flexible and dynamic services, which differ from others due to the cutting edge accuracy, whilst at the same time each part of these amenities moves in harmony with their surrounding environment and applauds the necessary renovations and trends in the community. The company selects the best solutions to improve and develop qualitatively a clients business, and, within the current legislation, is guided in its activities by the relevant ethical and moral values. On commencing its co-operation with its customers, the company offers professional and creative solutions for each and every project or proposal, considering each to be unique. It enables us to offer services with a flexible pricing policy for larger quantities of work.

As a result, our company has signed several unique and creative contracts, thus obtaining considerable experience. Our projects, which embody the latest achievements of intellectual and creative thinking, are instantly recognizable, as they differ from other projects and attract a huge public attention.
The most important element which contributes to our success is that we set clear and correct guidelines from the very beginning of our work.


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The list of the offered services.


- Content drafting, editing and correction.
- Translation services.
- Design and layout of a wide range of printed materials (postcards, brochures, books, illustrated albums, exclusive publications etc.) a wide range of design and page typesetting.
- Graphic and illustrative work.
- A full range of professional photography services.


- Idea and concept development for exhibitions and displays.
- Development of plans for thematic displays.
- Production of exhibition stands and pavilions.
- Multimedia presentations.
- Development and implementation of cultural and heritage projects.


- Billboards, Prizmavision and Megalayts (Baku city) - Shop windows and facades, composite materials and full-colour printing.
- We offer our clients light boxes, display letters, neon signs, panel-brackets and various forms of indoor advertising - Efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of our work in sign production.


This area includes all main communication channels and builds a positive image of customers
Our services cover every means of communication
- Advertising and elaboration of PR campaign concept, strategy and plan
- Creation and presentation of TV and radio presentations;
- Development of corporate films
- Organization of international and regional conferences;
- Preparation of articles and press releases
- Preparation, elaboration and realization of scenarios for


Business memorabilia and gifts - effective tools in the advertising strategy of any company.
We offer our clients a variety of business memorabilia and gifts from a variety of catalogues from the leading manufacturers. We can offer these items to suit all budgets from the inexpensive for mass distribution and promotional campaigns to luxury, VIP business memorabilia and gifts. We note especially our ability to prepare souvenirs based on traditional crafts (silk, wool, metal, ceramics) that reflect


High visibility recognition of its brand, amongst many others, is one of the most important components for a successful business. The creation of a clear image, promoting a company’s business, is a philosophy of paramount importance. Graphic design, which provides methods of visual contact, contributes to such aims. It becomes difficult, without such visual branding, for any business, public movement or institution to get organized or significantly upgrade their activities.We are able to immediately offer such services, as we thoroughly understand the likely needs and requirements of our clients. High grade solutions are available for graphically designed products such as logos, corporate styles, packing designs and other related visual documentation. They are all well developed, stylish and of high quality, providing dynamic representation of our clients’ activities


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